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ViStart can be a solution for users who are fond of the Start menu
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Although some may argue that it is just a matter of reluctance to change, the fact is that, no matter how fancy or touch-screen oriented Windows 8 tiles can be, many users are still missing the old Start Button and Menu. ViStart is intended mostly for those users who do not get accustomed to the new approach of starting applications on Windows 8. Thus, ViStart will create a replacement for the Start Menu.

The application is very easy to use. There is practically nothing new to learn. It will appear as a Start button in the standard position. Then, you can browse the menu and start the program the usual way, except that, unlike Windows 7 menu, you cannot carry out a quick search from there. In addition, there is also a small icon available from the System Tray, which allows setting various options, performing basic system operations (such as restarting, shutting down, sleeping and hibernating), and exiting the program itself. The program allows customizing the appearance of your Start Menu substitute. For this purpose, there are various themes available and you can also personalize other aspects, including your profile picture and Start Button.

In general, ViStart can be a solution for users who are fond of the Start menu. Although it works not only on Windows 8 but previous Windows versions as well, I do not recommend using it on Windows 7 or Vista, as it will create an unnecessary duplicate of the Start Menu.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It supports various themes
  • It allows customization


  • It does not allow performing quick searches
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